Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blog's back to life

I know it's been a long time, almost a year since i have blogged here and posted my photographs. You must have been wondering if i have quit photography and this blog has been abandoned. Thankfully the answer is no.

I have not quit photography and this blog is not abandoned, but I had taken a break from Photography since the beginning of this year. The break wasn't intentional, but there were quite a few things happening on other fronts that had kept me busy and occupied.

A deep love for nature and the pristine landscape and a passion towards Landscape photography made me take up photography. All my photography pursuits so far have been towards Landscape Photography and there is no alternate emotion to me than the joy of being out there pre-dawn and photographing the magical landscape. Though i have not pursued it sincerely and not done justice to it, i have had immense joy in going out there in the field, setting up the equipments, waiting for the light and producing whatever photographs i have shot so far.

Off late, i have been getting attracted to street, people photography and actually shooting everything that's around you. I tried and to be honest, it was quite disappointed to see what i had shot, as i was more conditioned to working in the landscape photography style, but the interest has only been increasing by the day.

The time off from Photography has given me an opportunity to think about my changing interests within photography and also think a lot about the photographs i have shot so far and realize how regular shooting could have helped in improving them a great deal. I have also noticed an inclination towards black and white photography and my interest in doing a BW Series of the place i love the most, Hampi.

The Joy and Passion for Photography was rekindled recently, thanks to a friend's wedding and to Frames of Mind(FOM) 2008 edition and i am back, dusting my equipments and processing my pictures.

Travel hasn't been great either, but i did manage to do some very memorable trips last year including a trip to Monolake and Bodie, where i had one of my best sunrises ever, a road trip along the Pacific coast from San Franscisco to the Redwood national Park, a few miles away from the Oregon - California border and a very memorable, soul soothing and life changing trip to Bhutan.

Bodie, in particular has been very kind to me. Two Photographs of Bodie gave my first ever photo sales at FOM 07, another photograph of Bodie was used for a Proline Clothing series advertisement and another one now going to be exhibited at FOM 08.
Nothing big, but small things that gave me some joy, encouragement and a kick to do more.

I also made a "no agenda do nothing" trip to Hampi in Jan this year, where the only thing we did was to sit and see the magical sunrise and sunset everyday, in the company of birds and boulders.

A Road trip along the coastline of Tamilnadu and a trip up north rank high on the wish list this year.

I had held back the photographs of Bodie and Bhutan, from posting in this blog so far. I am going to go ahead to post those photographs in this post and upcoming posts on Bodie and Bhutan.

I intend to be more active in my photography and blogging again. Here's the first one.

Mount Everest seen from the Druk Air Flight to Bhutan

I hope you like it and as always comments/critiques are always welcome.

Enjoy !!!