Saturday, December 03, 2005

One for my Friend

One for my Friend

I am out of hibernation, after being away from this place for full 4 months.Hapennings on the personal front,busy work schedule combined with travel, kept me away from my camera for a while.

Last sunday i was able to get one day out of the long weekend(Heck!!) to get out and spend sometime with my camera.It just felt so good to hold her in my hands,train her eyes,let her capture the shot and listen to her responding with the sound of the shutter.

Myself and a friend of mine,spent some time around the Golden Gate bridge,shooting the bridge as well as the sunset on the beach.

Here is one picture from that shoot.This is NOT my picture.This one is shot by my friend L,who was doing the first ever photo shoot.

I liked the composition in this picture and the nice twilight colours.
The fact that L shot this picture with manual exposure settings and that too on the very first shoot ever,made me like this one better.This post is for my friend L.

I am getting to process some of my pictures and will start posting them from tommorrow onwards,for a week.I hope you will like it.