Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First post of 2006. Light painting ..well literally

Wish you a very happy 2006.I know it's very late to wish a happy new year,but better late than never.

It has been one year since i started blogging and it has also been one year since i started doing photography.

2005 has been a wonderful year with a few firsts on various fronts.Photography is one of them. When i started out in Jan 2005, my interest in photography has been only landscapes.Nature and outdoor has been my love and landscapes have always inspired me. During this one year,my interests have evolved and now i like shoot all styles of photography.I have started to believe that photographs are everywhere,we just need to see them.

I have been holding all posts this year because i wanted this picture to be the first post for 2006.I finally got a chance to shoot it and here we go.

This Picture is a light painting.This was shot at home.What you see is a black chart pasted on the the wall.The border and the letters are painted with light on the black chart.The border was done by moving a bed lamp around the chart and the writings are done with a red laser pointer.

Tech details: f/8,2mins.
Have a great 2006.Happy new year.


Anonymous said...

Rakesh, Its a nice and novel picture, suiting your blog name. Please keep coming with more pictures throughout the year..HAPPY 2006!!!


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