Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Golden Drama

I got a chance to make a quick one day trip to Gokarna last saturday.The trip was supposed to be for three days and ended up being a 1 day trip because of Annavru death and the bandh that day at Bangalore and the unavailability of return tickets during the weekends.

Gokarna is the coastal tip of Karantaka and is approx 120kms from Goa.The place is a small town and is full of pristine beaches.I got a chance to spend only 10hrs at Gokarna and it definitely felt like more than that.

This picture was taken at Om beach during sunset.

1 comment:

harihh said...

kadhiravan varudinaan, vinmagal sivandhaal !!

Dhinam Dhinam Maalai, Kalyana Velai
Ponnagai Anindhu punnagai Pookiraal!

Keep it up da !!