Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Rocking Palace

This is my second shot of the Mysore Palace, shot on the eve of the Dasara procession.

The crowd at the palace was huge and the place was bustling with activity. The Entire palace campus was lit; live concerts were on, street vendors doing very brisk business, kids playing in the lawns, the atmosphere was just great.

I have tried to portray the majesty of the palace, the bustling activity at the place and also give a feel of the festival, in the picture.

This shot was captured by rotating the zoom, during a slow shutter capture.

I had setup the camera in the middle of the walkway between the entrance and the palace and the entire crowd was passing through by my sides.

A Few cops came over and wanted to know from which TV channel I was from, a few people wanting to take some pictures of them in front of the palace, in their cameras, some boys and girls just to say a hi and starting off a conversation, curious to know where I am from, some people wanting to know if I would take their pictures and some actually decided themselves, that I take those instant pictures of people during carnivals and sell it to them..

Guy : Pappu beta ethar kade ho jov,
Radha thum ethar kado
Mannu beta tum mummy ke pas aajovo..

I silently watch him, arranging his family in front of the camera, he then comes over to me and asks

Guy: How much is one photo.
Me: 1000/- Rs sir.
Guy: what !!!!
Me: Yes sir, it is Rs 1000/-

He gives me a weird look and moves on with his folks..

The sheer enthusiasm and warmth in the people I saw and met at the palace,were very memorable moments and made me enjoy the day and this picture.

Hope you like the picture.


Anonymous said...

the picture and the situation its taken are really nice...good to know tech details..(zooming out during slow shutter)

so u disappointed mannu beta, pappu beta and radha... :-)

Unknown said...

Nice Rakesh. Liked the picture and the story :)..

i still remember when we were shooting in the city..,

hey -- just came back from a trip.. here are some pics


reflection of aspen branches

Rakesh said...

@lp:Thanks buddy..Glad you liked it.


Rakesh said...

@karthik:Hey dude..thanks a lot for checking out the picture.
I am glad you liked it.

I too miss those days we shot together..the vidhan soudha one where we had similar experience.

Hey saw you pictures..the Sunset one is very cool.

Thiyagarajan said...

Looking Nice and truely terrible to watch!
Keep It Up

Anonymous said...

Very nice... i like your creativity with this long exposure shot...