Friday, June 29, 2007

FOM 2007 was a grand success.

Frames of Mind(FOM) 2007 was a grand success for everyone of us at Bangalore Photography Club(BPC). The response was awesome and overwhelming.

I would like to thank everyone who had come by to check out our photography work.
It was a big encouragement for all of us.

Images of the exhibition can be viewed here.

Personally for me, it had been a great moment as i made my first ever sale of my photographs. Two of my BW pictures received very good reviews from the visitors and also from the noted and renowned photographers who visited us. Both the BW's also got purchased at the exhibition.

I will start posting my Monolake series and also the pictures that were displayed at the exhibition, starting tomorrow. Please do visit this blog for my Photography updates in the future. Thank you.



Nara said...

Dude where are the posts you promised. C'mon man, put up the pictures you sold, and also the other Monolake ones.

Suprada said...

Will wait for your pictures!