Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2007 begins at Hampi

Wish you all a belated Happy New year.

I had wanted to begin my 2007 posts on this blog with my New Year greeting photo,a light paintings shot with crackers, but the Enthu kinda died down and i have finally given up on the idea.

On the Photography front, 2007 began with a bang for me and Nara, as we did an impromptu trip to Hampi, on the first weekend of 2007.

It had been close to 2 years since i visited Hampi and i was more than happy to be there, hang around in the ruins, drive around in the tiny TVS Moped, just sit and watch the big red round sun, kissing the horizon and waving goodbye for the day.

It's been 1 week, since i have returned and i am already missing the place.
I hope to go back again very soon.

Apart from chilling out, i also did some shooting. Here's one of the pictures from the trip.

This is the Stone chariot inside the Vithala temple complex in Hampi.The Wheels are completely carved out of stone and are actually capable of revolving.

We shot it pretty late in the morning and hence the big dark shadows.


Nara said...

Dude, you better buck up and do something, ok?

I was going through the 2005 posts in your blog, and compared to them your current quality level is pathetic!!

Recover from this degeneration, my friend.

Rakesh said...

@nara: Yup..i guess it's high time i do it