Monday, March 05, 2007

Upper Shivalaya, Badami

Another impromptu trip, last minute ticket deals, wait listed return journey, zero information about the place, interesting auto rickshaw drives, unclean town, highly touristy, the long walks through the small streets of the town, buying every snack the street vendors sold, beautiful cave temples, pre-ocuupied minds, soothing solitude at the not so easily accessible Upper Shivalaya, the beautiful sunrise and the forgetful crazy return journey.

These events sum up the Badami trip we did, during the last weekend of January.

Badami is a small town in Northern Karnataka, known for its 5th century architecture and the rock cut temples. It is a very peaceful place, but also a very unclean town.
More about Badami here

The trip was very eventful and a lot of fun. We also had a good photo trip.
We loved the place.

Here's a picture of the Upper Shivalaya,Badami.


Nara said...

Hey dude, now you are talking! this is cool! much better than the attempt u posted on BPC.

Rakesh said...

hmm...thanks dude